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This section will show you a range of different styles of venues you could have your event in. At Maria & son catering we know how special your event could be to you so we have added an extra service to help you pick the right venue or give you some inspiration.

The La Royel Hotel in Tottenhan North london. This venue holds up to 450 guests. The size of the hall is great and there is room for everything including a top table, large DJ booth and a larg buffet table. Look Through the photo gallery under this box to see photos of the venue and what it looked like when we where there.
Edmonton Greek church. This hall can hold up to 150 guests. They have room for everything and they also have a stage that can be moved to suit your tast. Like most of the venues Maira & son catering have been to, this hall offers a full kitchen. The hall has been done up nicely as you will be able to see in the photo gallery just below this text
This is a nice fancy old victorian barn house. It has been done up for events. This hall can hole up to 120 guests. Have a look through the photos to see the nice decorations they have like the original wooden floors, a nice fire place and a full kitchen to cater for your event. They have parking and you will be sure to have a nice worm party here.
With our home delivery service we can cook the food in our kitchens or in yours at home. If you are having a smaller event at home we have our full services open to you. We can provide all things from table cloths to plates and cutlery. When you book your catering just give us a time and a place of your event and we are happy to cater.
  1. La Royel
    La Royel
  2. Edmonton church hall
    Edmonton church hall
  3. Stanmore, Slough
    Stanmore, Slough
  4. A house party
    A house party

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