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Traditional Menu

A choice of 30 platters at a price of £14 per head Maria and son have the best prices. For wedding receptions an extra charge will be added to the cost. For table linen, cutlery, desert spoons, dinner plates, wine glasses and/or water glasses a further charge of £2 will be added to the cost.
Choose from our buffet list options of platters and dishes of your choice to make your event a special day. Also all chosen platters come with green olives and mixed season fruit. You can see our other menu's on our site including all the extras and different kinds of suggestions.
Booking catering for your Christmas, christening, Birthday party or corporative event is made easy with Maria and son catering. Any occasion you need catering for look no further. Choose your buffet of around 30 dishes and platters and we will make your event one to remeber. We also have a home deliver service for the smaller events at home.  For further enquiries ring Maria on 07866485361.

  1. Beetroot salad
    Salad vegetables with thinly sliced beetroot mixed with garlic and seasoned.
  2. coleslaw
    Traditional and made the same day.
  3. Houmous
    Chick peas, garlic and lemon.
  4. Tzantziki
    Chopped cucumber and mint mixed with Greek yogert.
  5. Taramasalata
    Code roe, olive oil and lemon.
  6. Greek bread
    To dip in your dip.
  7. Potato salad
    Boiled potatos, chopped parsly, spring onion with a dash of olive oil and viniger
  8. Crabstick salad
    Shredded crabsticks with parsly, spring onion, a dash of olive oil and lemon.
All of our bookings come with bread, olives and lemons as standard. This is our traditional menu. Have a look around and if you do not see a dish that you would like then let us know and we will see if we can provide it to you for your event. 
Hot meat/fish
  1. Roast beef
    Slow roasted and traditionally seasoned
  2. Roast pork
    Slow roasted and traditionally seasoned.
  3. Liver and onion stew
    Cubes of liver stewed with onion and red wine
  4. Fried calamari
    Squid rings battered and fried
  5. Pork afelia
    Stewed pork, Greek sausage, mushrooms in red wine.
  6. Macaroni with pork mince
    Traditional Greek style macaroni
  7. dolmades
    Stuffed vine leaves with rice, pork and seasoning.
  8. Keftedes
    Traditional Greek style meatballs (pork)
  1. Traditional Greek salad
    Chopped salad with a dash of olive oil and viniger seasoned with a pinch of salt
  2. Traditional Feta salad
    Sliced tomato,cucumber and onions topped with Feta cheese
  3. Prawn cocktail salad
    Fresh prawns on a bed of salad topped with sause
  4. Tuna salad
    Tuna flakes on a bed of salad with a sprinkle of lemon
Cheese + Ham
  1. Salami / lunza / ham
    A mix of 3 different hams (pork)
  2. Halloumi
    Traditional sliced Halloumi spread on a platter
  3. Mixed Cheeses
    Cubes of cheeses of a platter (for weddings)
Sides + extras
  1. Olives and bread
    All bookings come with olives and bread
  2. Roast Potatos
    Nice roasted potatos for your hot food.
  3. Rice
    Full of flavour boiled rice with mixed veg and seasoning.
  4. Whole Salmon
    A large boiled salmon comes whole and ready to eat.